Certifeye The Tropical Wonders Palette

Welcome back to my blog! Today I thought I’d do a review on my absolute favourite, Certifeye’s The Tropical Wonders Palette. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I can’t keep away and I use this in pretty much every look. To me this is such a versatile, unique palette and perfect for soft glam, dramatic looks and everything in-between. So if you want to hear my thoughts as well as looks I’ve created with it, keep on reading!


First of all a bit about the brand. Certifeye is a UK based brand who you may know for their eyeshadow palettes, glitters and lashes. Along with their collection of lashes going viral, The Tropical Wonders Palette shortly followed and just looking at it you can see why! Lets talk details, the palette sells for £30 similarly to most high end palettes. To me, even though the brand may not be quite up there with ABH etc. (yet) for the quality you get and the gorgeous packaging the price is spot on.


As you can see it consists of 18 all matte shadows from across the spectrum. It has every colour you need including the most amazing pure white, which is always a nightmare to get your hands on! As the colours transition into each other within the palette they therefore make amazing transition shades you can build up on the eyes. This allows you to create a whole look just with the one palette, whatever colour you choose! It also includes a black, which for me is a necessity in all of my looks, just to further deepen and give dimension.


Not only do the shadows look vibrant in the pan, when swatched (badly I know) they are also highly pigmented- so what you see really is what you get. Another thing I love about these shadows is that you can really build the colours up and play with the intensity which can create various shades of the shadow themselves. Although most of them are soft and buttery there are a few that are a bit more chalk-like, however they still swatch amazingly and blend out effortlessly like the rest.


These are just a few looks I’ve created with the palette. As you can see you can create a wide range using various colours. I’m still yet to use the green shades so will try and incorporate them into a future look!

Overall, I am absolutely in love with this palette and would highly recommend it to anyone whether it be beginners or more advanced users. Not only is it an amazing product but the brand itself is incredibly supportive of all artists, big or small! They were the first brand to repost me and continue to support my work despite my small following count.

Let me know your thoughts on this palette, do you already have it? Is it something you’ll add to your collection?

Ellie x


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