de506901-ebb7-4f9a-b7fa-80f083d25436Welcome back to my weekly blog post! Today I thought I’d share with you a look I created with my new eyeshadows from BleachLondon.

Bleach London is mostly known for their hair products however, when I discovered they did makeup and single eyeshadows for just £3 I couldn’t resist. I decided to branch out of my comfort zone and reach for blue shades which isn’t something I usually wear, but after seeing Jamie Genevieve wearing a smokey blue glam in her latestvideo I decided to recreate it myself. 

img_7003I ended up buying three of their ‘louder powder’ shadows for £3 each in the shades- WUM ma, VS 4ma and OTB 4ma (strange names I know) which are described as a ‘high pigment pressed powders’. At first I was disappointed with the shade VS 4ma as it appeared to be an electric blue on the website yet when delivered it was a vibrant purple, nevertheless a pretty colour. Due to the small price tag I was unsure what to expect from these shadows and as you can see only the first shade is highly pigmented however they are all easy to blend. 

The other shadow I bought was one of their ‘Glitterati’ shadows in the shade ‘Washed up mermaid’ for £5. I was so looking forward to this as I don’t tend to go for pressed glitter so was intrigued to see what it would be like. I must say at first I was slightly let down as it didn’t swatch well however once on the eye on top of a blue base it looks amazing! I also purchased a Z palette for £10 but was incredibly disappointed as the lid was made of flimsy plastic which could easily damage the shadows. I decided to take out the magnetic bottom and put it in my Mac custom palate instead so that wasn’t a complete waste!



  • Makeup Geek Creme Brulee
  • Bleach London Louder powder in OTB4ma
  • Bleach London Glitterati shadow in Washed up mermaid
  • ABH Subculture shade Axis
  • Mac Nylon 
  • Freedom brow pomade in Dark brown
  • MUA Brow define tinted mascara
  • NYX matte liquid liner
  • Tatti lashes MinkTL008

For this look I began with using Makeup Geek’s creme brulee as my transition shade as I didn’t want anything too orange, and applied it above my crease. I then took Bleach London Louder powder in the shade OTB4ma and applied it to my crease, blending it into the transition shade. As I wanted this to be more of a smokey look I blended the shadows further out than I normally would. As the Bleach London shadow wasn’t pigmented enough I decided to add ‘Axis’ from ABH Subculture palette all over my lid to give me a strong blue base. Using a flat brush I then added ‘Washed up mermaid’ over the top, patting it on to build up the intensity. I then repeated these steps (minus the glitter) onto the bottom lash line. To finish I added some liner and lashes and of course Mac ‘Nylon’ for that amazing inner corner highlight! 


Here’s the final look! (apologies for the horrific lighting, a mix of Manchester’s lack of sunshine and poorly lit student accommodation). Overall I absolutely love this look and will definitely be wearing blue more! In terms of the Bleach London shadows I think they are good for the price they are however, may be more suitable for beginners or those who aren’t confident with pigmented shadows. However I absolutely love the pressed glitter and will be buying it in more shades!

Thank you for reading, let me know if you like this look or if you’ve tried any Bleach London shadows yourself!

Ellie x


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