Welcome back to my first post of 2018! I thought I’d kick start the year by reviewing my new go to brand of lashes. After wearing falsies for years I know the struggle of finding the perfect pair especially from purchasing them online, so I’ve chosen my favorite ones to share with you that you must add to your collection! All are available from tattilashes.com.

Tatti Lashes are a luxury yet affordable brand I discovered on Instagram and have been seen on the likes of the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj and Paris Hilton. They stock a range of mink and Brazilian silk hair lashes that start from £5-£10 alongside lash bundles, stands and tweezers. My favorite part about the brand is that they also offer 60% MUA discount on custom bundles of over 20 lashes and no MUA qualifications are necessary, allowing us self taught artists to benefit too!

As you can see the packaging is unique and screams luxury. I particularly like how each set comes in its own case to protect them which also comes in handy for somewhere to keep them after nights out (instead of flinging them next to your bed in hope you’ll find them in the morning!) I purchased 3 different styles of both luxury mink and Brazilian hair lashes and the quality of both were incredible! The shipping was also extremely fast even on black Friday which was a bonus. 


This set of lashes start thinner then appear fuller giving them a fluttery realistic look. The elegance and intensity of them means they can be used for a slightly dramatic everyday look or to create something soft and glamorous. The Brazilian hair make the lashes fluttery and comfortable on the eye. I typically wear this set with a soft golden eye or smoked out liner. 


This set is perhaps the more natural pair out of the three. The style provides a gorgeous length alongside soft natural volume. Their tapered design elongates the eye and the cross layered lashes provide texture. These lashes really enhance your natural eye and are perfect for people with perhaps smaller eyes or lid space to make your eyes appear larger. I typically wear this set with a winged liner as an everyday look or with a soft contour on the eye. 


This set is my favorite and the most dramatic out of the three. These 3D fanned out lashes create a subtle voluminous appearance, perfect for anything daring! The full feathered design create a glam look, ideal for when you want your eyes to stand out that little bit more. The Brazilian silk hairs also create a textured finish and intense volume. I wear this set with any bold dramatic eye to complete a full glam look.

After using these lashes for several months I have fallen in love with them. Not only are they affordable, with proper care they last for many uses and they are so comfortable on the eyes. They bring luxury with a drugstore price tag and I will definitely be ordering more styles! Let me know your favorite lashes and if there’s any I should add to my collection!

Ellie x

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