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Over the past year Lush has easily become one of my all time favorite brands. Previously, I had only known it for its amazing bath bombs and shower products, however once I branched out into their skincare range I couldn’t stop! With having problematic acne-prone skin, I have seen dramatic improvements with using Lush skincare and have now incorporated a lot of it into my daily skin routine. I particularly like how Lush use fresh ingredients in their products as it is less harmful then chemical based products. All of my favorites have changed my skin in some way and I believe everyone should have them in their collection!


£9.95/350g or £16.50/655g

KEY INGREDIENTS – Fine sea salt, Mimosa absolute, Fresh organic lemon juice, Orange flower absolute 

This was my first ever Lush skincare product and has to be my holy grail! It’s described as an exfoliating shower scrub that can also be used to wash, volumise and add shine to hair. To use it as a more gentle exfoliant it can be applied to wet skin, or if you’re like me and want a more intense exfoliation it can be applied to dry or damp skin. I tend to use it 2-3 times a week on damp skin rather than dry as I feel like dry can be a bit harsh on my sensitive skin. I will occasionally use it on my hair especially when i’m going out to create a more full volumised look.

After using this my skin feels completely rejuvenated and silky smooth! It makes my complexion look bright and gives me a perfect base to apply makeup too. As the main ingredient in it is Sea salt which is a natural antiseptic, it helps heal and active acne quicker, which is always a bonus! I think the price is perfect especially as its shelf life is 14 months and it lasts me absolutely ages. A definite must have! 


£7.50/100g or £18.75/250g

KEY INGREDIENTS– Ground almonds, Lavender Oil, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil

Next up is my newest purchase from Lush, inspired by an ancient medieval recipe. I bought this after seeing endless reviews on how this completely cleared up peoples skin. As I have only been using this for a few weeks this hasn’t been the case yet however I have noticed great improvements! The cleanser has a clay like formula and when added with a few drops of water turns into a paste you can massage all over your face. I have to admit, as I’m not a fan of lavender the smell is rather unpleasant however it is completely worth it after you see the end results!

After using this my skin feels incredible and soft as well as being hydrated. It also calms my redness down and gives me a fresh feeling. The shelf life is three months however, I will definitely have used it all by then!


£4.95/100g or £9.50/250g

KEY INGREDIENTS– Tea Tree Water, Grapefruit Water, Juniperberry Water

This Tea Tree toner is absolutely ideal for every day use morning and night to either to remove bacteria or hydrate and refresh skin! It’s common knowledge that Tea tree is good for you, however along with grapefruit water which is rich in vitamins and juniperberry water, an antiseptic, it helps keep skin clean and clear.

My favorite thing about this product is that there are two ways to use it. You can either spritz it across you face from the bottle or apply it to a cotton pad to really target your problem areas. Either way it leaves your skin feeling toned and hydrated. The product is available in two sizes and has a shelf life of 14 months. The smaller one is ideal for travel and to keep in your makeup bag when your skin needs a quick refresh. 



KEY INGREDIENTS– Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Carrageenan Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Lavender oil 

I purchased this product after nearly giving up on finding a spot treatment that would work for me. I tried everything from prescribed creams (that would burn your skin and make it look awful!) to your typical drugstore brands and even investing in expensive treatments which still left disappointing results.  The product contains several ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties which helps soothe redness along with antibacterial ingredients that target the breakout. After hearing such good reviews I had to purchase it!

Let me tell you this product works like magic! I apply a tiny dot onto my active acne before I go to bed, in the morning when I wake up my blemishes have completely dried up without making the surrounding skin dry. The product is also great at preventing blemishes before they appear! The bottle is only available in a travel size however it has a shelf life or 14 months and lasts absolutely ages. The only downside to this product for me is that the pump is a little broken and the product only comes out in large amounts, however I hope when I next purchase it this isn’t the case. 



KEY INGREDIENTS– Rhassoul Mud, Linseed Infusion, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Absolute

Without a doubt my favorite Lush product is the cupcake face mask. Not only does it smell delicious but it works absolute wonders! Lush have a range of incredible face masks to choose from, ‘Cupcake’ is made especially for oily and teenage skin to help absorb excess oil and calm breakouts. The ingredients help to draw out all the dirt and impurities and give your face a deep cleanse. 

I apply a generous amount of the mask over my face, leave it for around 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Instantly you can feel results as it leaves your skin soft, plump and moisturised. I also notice a lot of my redness goes down and it really calms my skin. The only downside of this product is that as it is fresh it has to be kept in the fridge and used within a month, however, it is definitely worth every penny and leaves you with amazing results! 



KEY INGREDIENTS– Caster Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil

Last but by no means least we have Lush’s famous lip scrub. Not only does the scrub smell amazing it also tastes amazing too! The product is made up of caster sugar along with Jojoba oil, a naturally moisturising ingredient to leave your lips in tip top condition. Many of us forget how important looking after our lips is especially in the winter, this product helps calm down chapedness and also gives you a great smooth base for lipstick allowing it to glide on smoothly.

I use this at the start of my make-up routine when my lips need a little TLC. I apply a small amount with my finger and scrub away the dead skin. Straight away my lips feel soft and moisturised! Again, the small tub is ideal for travel and as it is self preserving it lasts 14 months so is definitely worth your money!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of my favorite Lush products! Let me know your thoughts on them and your favorites for me to try too.

Ellie x


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