As a foundation enthusiast on the search for my perfect base I’m always looking for new brands to test out in hope to find my ‘holy grail’. I decided to try Too Faced born this way foundation alongside their Hangover primer to see if it really works the magic social media claims it does!

 I have oily-combination skin so I tend to go for a semi-matte finish to help minimise the shine whilst not making me look completely caked. As I suffer from acne, redness and scarring full coverage is a MUST in any foundation I purchase. Primers have always been a sensitive subject for me as the majority I have tried have broken me out due to the silicone in them, therefore I tend to stick to moisturisers or creams such as Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base. However, as soon as I saw the Hangover primer was silicone-free I knew I definitely had to try it. 


Too Faced Hangover primer

– £27 Debenhams

The primer retails for £27 and is available from Debenhams in the UK.  It contains 40 ml of product and has a 6 month shelf life. At first I questioned the price of the product as £27 is quite pricey for a primer however, it contains 10 ml more compared to most primers which are 30 ml, therefore making the price more justifiable. 

The packaging of the product definitely adds to the selling point with gold embellishments around the pink gradient background, giving it an elegant, feminine touch.

Too faced describes the primer as ‘your instant cure’. It claims to hydrate, smooth and brighten skin for a dewy, healthy looking finish. It is silicone-free and is infused with coconut water making it a unique product on the market and a selling point for me. 100% of people said their makeup went on smoother, it made them look more radiant, skin looked more hydrated and it made it look like their skin had the appearance of a whole night of rest. These are the claims I have kept in mind when using this product.

I use the primer after my moisturiser and apply a small amount across the whole of my face. The product has a coconut scent to it however for me it is a bit too artificial. When first applying the primer my skin instantly looks more radiant and hydrated. It also smooths my skin and leaves a nice fresh feel giving me a good start to my base. The foundation applies nicely on top of the primer and it certainly makes it look radiant. However, almost instantly after applying the foundation alongside powder I notice it sinks into my fine lines, which ideally a primer should prevent. Also, after a few hours the foundation begins to come away at my nose and move around my face, meaning the product doesn’t help keep it in place, defeating the object of the primer. I have tried the primer with various other foundations and it has also done the same which I was very disappointed at especially because of the higher price tag. Even though the product gives me a lovely glow I wouldn’t repurchase due to the fact it doesn’t keep my makeup on. If you were to use this I would suggest you maybe use it alongside another primer on your T zone to really help keep your makeup in place whilst getting nice smooth glowy skin. 



-£29 Debenhams

The foundation retails at £29 and is also available at Debenhams in the UK. It contains 30 ml of product and has a shelf life of 12 months. I was satisfied with the price as this is what I would usually spend on a high end foundation. 

Similarly to the primer, the packaging follows the same pink and gold theme. The product comes in a glass frosted bottle with a black top and a pump. For me the pump is essential in a foundation especially for the price tag, making it easier to control and meaning you waste less. 

The foundation states it’s ‘undetectable medium-full coverage, luminous and oil free’. With having oily skin, a foundation that’s oil free is appealing to me, to keep me looking matte for longer. Even though I tend to go for full coverage a medium-buildable coverage also suits me for day to day use. The product is water based which is also what I look for in a foundation as many that are glycolic based stimulate my acne. It is infused with coconut water, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid giving the skin a brighter youthful appearance. 100% claim it blurred their foundation, 98% said it made their skin look perfect and 97% said it provided a natural coverage. 

Too Faced Born this way foundation swatch

The range has 24 shades which is limited for a high end foundation however it includes a variety of undertones.  I purchased it in the shade ‘Porcelain‘ the second lightest shade as the lightest ‘snow’ was out of stock. The colour has yellow undertones and is too dark on my skin however, with fake tan on it matches perfectly and doesn’t oxidise. 

To try this foundation I paired it with the hangover primer and applied it with my Zoeva 104 Buffer brush to give me a fuller coverage. Upon application it is very dewy giving you time to work the product into the skin, the product then dries down to a semi-matte finish with a glow. At this point I then build up my problem areas with another layer, however, the foundation still left me with some scars showing through making it more of a medium coverage foundation which I was disappointed in. After applying, I carry on with my usual routine using my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and my Collection 2000 loose powder to highlight and set my face. At this point my skin looks luminous and healthy. However, after about an hour the foundation has sunk into my fine lines around my mouth and forehead and clung to dry patches of skin I didn’t even know I had! After about 4/5 hours when my skin begins to get oily the product begins to break down especially around my T zone and scars begin to show through. After having such high hopes for this foundation I was devastated this had happened especially when pairing it with the primer, as I need a foundation that will last me all day. To stop it clinging onto my dry patches I then tried it with my L’Oreal extraordinary facial Oil underneath which did help the dryness, however the product still didn’t wear well. Overall, I feel like this foundation would look amazing on someone with a normal skin type who prefers a light-medium coverage. I will continue to wear this foundation on days I don’t need it on for a long period of time as I feel like it gives me a nice natural day time look or I will mix it with a heavier coverage foundation such as Estee Lauder double wear to still get a luminous but full coverage look.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first blog post and let me know your experiences you’ve had with these products!

Ellie x


  1. nmgilb says:

    What a great and thorough review! I, too, suffer from acne and scarring and finding a good natural looking foundation is a constant battle! I’ll definitely be considering this product in the future!

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